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Opera Mobile (UIQ) 6.31
Opera Mobile Beta 1 9.71

Opera Mobile is an Internet web browser that is specially designed for portable devices such as cell phones, smartphones and tablets. It is developed by Opera Software, the Norwegian company behind the revolutionary Opera desktop web browser, and it is a close cousin to the world's most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini.

The current stable versions of Opera Mobile run on the Android, Maemo, Meego, S60, Windows, and Windows Mobile operating systems. The history of this browser dates back to the year 2000, when it ran on a number of Psion portable computing devices. In 2009, Opera Mobile underwent a significant change of its graphical user interface (GUI) to create a standard between all Opera browsers.

Opera Mobile 10 is the current version for Windows and Windows Mobile. The choice between Opera Mobile and Opera Mini is mostly up to the owner of the mobile device. Whereas Opera Mini features an advanced server compression technology that is always on and renders web content in a way that is always optimized, Opera Mobile takes advantage of the device's hardware to display web pages using the Presto rendering engine to deliver a rich mobile Internet experience.

The Presto engine renders pages in a way that economizes the use of mobile broadband and bandwidth by a significant margin. This not only improves browsing speed but also has the added benefit of providing a value-added benefit to users who subscribe to a metered mobile data plan. Opera Mobile works with touchscreens or keypads, and it can handle multiple browsing tabs, manage passwords, block pop-ups, copy and paste content, and organize most visited sites into a speed-dial display for easy access.

Opera Mobile can run in some feature phones, but it is better suited for browsing in smartphones and tablets. In some HTC, Nokia and Samsung devices, Opera Mobile comes pre-installed.

Opera Mobile is a Web browser that's optimized for pocket PCs and PDAs. This program gives users convenient options of navigating the World Wide Web by opening websites in tabs. Opera Mobile enables users to save some Web pages that could be viewed even when a device is not connected to the Internet. This browser also allows users to integrate SMS messages through compatible smartphones and mobile phones. There is a password manager that could be utilized to facilitate logging into secure websites and online portals. Opera Mobile has a Favorites section that can store a list of websites frequently visited by users.

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